WW2 K-Ration Set with Provenance

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Re: WW2 K-Ration Set with Provenance

Post by duvanhog » Tue Jul 10, 2018 3:52 pm

Yeah the guy and I actually got into a really dumb argument lol, so I nixed his bid so it would be problematic in the end for me. I guess the guy who bought it is putting it in a museum in italy, www.sulleormedeinostripadri.it So I feel like that's a cool place for it to go, I am however disappointed that it won't end up with you steve, could have given your insides a good show lol! Now that it has been bought I can tell you what I paid, I paid $10.00 lol so I feel like I did great!

Thanks for bidding steve and it was super cool to have something to show your community!

Thanks for the compliments dude! I hope we talk again in the future!

And I will be listing my other rations on here soon, if they are too high or something just let me know I don't know much about them and don't want to not sell them or screw anybody on the price.

Thanks to everybody who bid!

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