Box 19 AUSSIE PR1M DoP 01/17/18 w/ FREE shipping

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Box 19 AUSSIE PR1M DoP 01/17/18 w/ FREE shipping

Post by BlackDogBob » Wed Feb 28, 2018 10:58 pm

That's correct! You read the subject correctly. This box contains one Australian PR1M DoP January 17,2018! The only issue with this ration is that while it is a PR1M (freeze dried mains and more calories) the date code print says CR1M. This is the exact same ration Gun Dog reviewed, I sent him his.

See Picture below.

This box comes with FREE USPS Priority shipping inside the U.S. The cost for this box is only $175. This is the FIRST PR1M offered for sale in the U.S. And is SUPER FRESH!

PM me if interested.
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