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All UK, French, Latvia back in stock- new French PAELLA menu

Posted: Thu Oct 19, 2017 10:06 pm
by wats6831
I have a new French RCIR menu that has Paella as one of the main dishes. Several people have asked about it, so I figured I would offer here first.

$70 shipped USPS Priority 3 day max. Keep in mind shipping is $12 so this is a great deal on a rare menu. ONLY 2 AVAILABLE

This is not the normal Strausberg Sausage menu, the second main is usually Pork Salad.

The full menu is Strausberg Sausages with Pasta, Paella, Boar Pate, Milky Dessert
BBD Aug 2020

PM me, first come first serve.

I've noticed on a few French in the past year that occasionally an odd ball menu will show up and then disappear.