WTS: Early 90's(?) Polish Ration

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WTS: Early 90's(?) Polish Ration

Post by pwfcvf » Tue Oct 17, 2017 6:13 pm

Selling a Polish military ration from the Early 90's that contains:

-2 x 45 g packs of hard crackers
-200 g can of "Tyrolska" canned meat
-100 g sweetened condensed milk
-1.5 g instant tea
-30 g sugar
-25 g tub honey
-2 pieces (14 g total) hard candy
-1 can opener
-1 plastic lid for canned meat
-1 trash bag
-1 napkin
-1 folder of matches

Just getting started in the MRE/Ration community so open to pretty much any and all trades as well!


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