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Chilean 24 hour Special Edition 4 course combat rations

Posted: Tue Oct 10, 2017 8:50 pm
by wats6831
Well, it was a long hard road but they finally made it here! :D ... bat-ration

This is one incredibly well thought out ration. 4 mains, 3 sides (2 desserts and a breakfast), 4 FRHs, 2 accessory packets, and that awesome two sided spork thingy.

4 menus are available with a variety of dishes

Menu 1: Chicken Stew with Vegetables 200gr, Curry Pork with Rice 200gr, (2) Chickpea Stew 200gr, (2) Desserts 150gr

Menu 2: Curry Turkey with Rice 200gr, (2) Chicken Stew with Vegetables, Lentil Stew 200gr, Plums in Syrup 150gr, Peaches in Syrup 150gr

Menu 3: Pasta Bolognese 200gr, (2) Beef Stew with Vegetables 200gr, Curry Pork with Rice 200gr, Stewed Lentils, (2) Desserts 150gr

Menu 4: Curry Pork with Rice 200gr, Pasta Bolognese 200gr, (2) Bean Stew 200gr, (2) Desserts 150gr

Items common to all menus: Granola cereal, Berry Cookies 80gr, (2) Isotonic Drink Mix, Peanuts with Raisins 70gr, (2) accessory packets [tea, coffee, (2) salt, (4) sugar, long handled spoon, (2) napkins], Daff Spork, (4) Flameless Ration Heaters.

Desserts can be any of the following:

Pastel de Choclo (Chocolate cake)
Ciruelas al Jugo (Plums in syrup)
Damasco al Jugo (Damascus fruit in syrup)
Durazno al Jugo (Peaches in Juice)
Mote con Huesillo (Peach and barley drink)
Puré de Manzana (Apple puree)
Puré de Pera (Pear puree)

See photos for Menu 2 contents: Mains: Chicken Stew with Vegetables x2, Turkey Curry with Rice, Stewed Lentils, Plums in Syrup, Peaches in Syrup, Granola, Berry Biscuits, Juice Mix x 2, Peanuts with Raisins, 2 x accessory packets (tea, coffee, 2 x salt, 4 x sugar, long handled spoon, 2 x napkins), Spork, 4 x Flameless Ration Heaters.