88-89 brown bags for for trade.+a few imps

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88-89 brown bags for for trade.+a few imps

Postby Kats » Thu Jun 22, 2017 1:55 pm

Looks to be 88-89 menus. Dark brown bags with the large numbers. All are sealed except one.It is still complete just opened. Menu numbers are
1. Pork with rice in BBQ sauce
3 chicken stew
4 omelet with ham
5 spaghetti with meat and sauce
6 chicken alaking
8 ham slice
9 meatballs,beef and rice in Tom sauce
10 tuna with noodles
11 chicken and rice
12 enscalloped potatos with ham
I have multiples of most if you favor a certain menu. Open for trades. Most any non US ration in date is cool. Looking to thin my collection and try new stuff
Canadian imps
05 #3 macaroni with cheese sauce. Open bag but looks complete
09 #5 omelette with salsa
10 #4 baked beans
10 #6 cheese tortellini with marinara sauce
11 #3 clam chowder

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