FOR SALE: French RCIRs menu #2, #11 and #12

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FOR SALE: French RCIRs menu #2, #11 and #12

Post by wats6831 » Mon Mar 20, 2017 10:23 pm

Just got these in. Will offer them here before listing on Ebay. note the date on #2. I had to pay more for these so $55 shipped priority next business day. You can pay here: Two will fit in a medium flat rate box so no additional shipping needed on 2. For two click here:

MENU 2: FEB 2017 Ready Cooked Chicken Couscous, Salmon, rice and vegetables, Tuna fish Pate, packet of soup, Processed Cheese, Beverages for breakfast, Salt and sweet Biscuits, Coffee, chocolate, caramels, nougat, fruit jelly bar, energy bar, powder drink, muesli, chocolate bar, tissues, reheating kit and water Puri Tabs

MENU 11: JUNE 2019 Beef With Carrots, Pork Risotto with Mushrooms, Deer Pate, Soup, Milky Dessert, Coffee/Tea/Chocolate beverages, 1 Packet of salted and sweet biscuits, nougat, fruit jelly, energy bar, Isotonic powder drink, muesli, chocolate bar, caramels, Jam, puri tablets, tissues & reheating kit (Best before 2018 Dated)

MENU 12: DEC 2018 Salt Pork & Lentils, Pork Salad (to eat cold), Traditional Pork Pate, Soup, Milky Dessert, Salted and sweet Biscuits, Beverages for breakfast, Isotonic powder drink, nougat, Fruit Jelly bar, Energy bar,Muesli, Chocolate bar, caramels, paper towels, reheating kit and water puri Tablets.

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