BlackDogBob Ration Bundle A5

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BlackDogBob Ration Bundle A5

Post by BlackDogBob » Sat Feb 11, 2017 5:08 pm

This one definitely won't last long!

1 Russian IRP (Box with Star) BBD 05-01-17
1 Russian IRP-BS BBD 11-15-17
1 2014 Canadian IMP Menu #10 Chicken Pesto Pastabbd 11/17

Price is $100 With FREE USPS Priority Shipping within the Continental US

I ONLY HAVE ONE (1) of these available!!!!!
Have German,Russian,Canadian,Lithuanian,Dutch, Israeli,Spanish,HDRs,LRPs,French,US RCWs,FSRs,Italian,Croatian, Polish,Aussie, Czech, Malaysian, Swedish, Australian and Norwegian Arctics.

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