Tobacco products WW1-WW2. That I found For Sale

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Tobacco products WW1-WW2. That I found For Sale

Postby roncamp » Sun Jan 08, 2017 7:03 pm

These are Tobacco Related products i found while browsing War memorabilia. The items i will be showing are lighters and smoking related. All items listed are authentic

US World War 1 smoking grouping
Price: $45 ... 81474.html

US World War 1 Smoking Grouping
Price: $58 ... 04476.html

US World War 1 Lighter
Price: $60 ... 31969.html

German World War 1 Trench Art Lighter
Price: $60 ... 53166.html

French World War 1 Smoking items
Price: $79 ... 81574.html

French World War 1 Tobacco Kit
Price: $114 ... 04676.html

French World War 1 Lighter
Price: $35 ... 05768.html

Canadian World War 2 Cigarette box
price: $25 ... 55571.html

Canadian World War 2 Lighter
Price: $41 ... 53874.html

US World War 2 Fort ORD Lighter
Price: $25 ... 03467.html

US World War 2 Cigarette papers
Price: $24 ... 21859.html

Soviet World War II Lighter
Price: $36 ... 44963.html

German World War II General Feldmarshall Brand Cigar Box
Price: $476 ... 02276.html

German World War II box of tobacco
Price: $24

German World War II metal Box of cigarette container with contents
price: $34

Empty German World war II cigarette container
Price: $28

German World War II package of cigarette
Price: $39

German World War II Package of cigarettes
Price: $46

German World war II Cigarette conatiner
Price: $28

Unopened German World war II cigererres
Price: $39
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