WTB: RCW's, MCW's, & More

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Re: WTB: RCW's, MCW's, & More

Post by steve1989 » Wed Dec 29, 2010 8:23 pm

Yeah, he must have had someone come over to his place and pick em' up in person.

Damn guy pretty much hung up on me after I mentioned I was in Florida and I would pay up to $30 shipping + not $5 an RCW but $7 per for the inconvenience of shipping - I even told him I'd do whatever method of payment he preferred. Oh well.. :(

I'll be getting my paycheck next week so when I do I am going to ask around on the forums here and see if anyone has any RCW's or MCW's they would be willing to part with. My mom (I know its lame I don't have one) has 2 Ebay accounts - her main one is for selling (she still buys stuff like jewelry and antiques but the buy account is for stuff I want to get and presents for my dad who's always on the sell account too.) and the other for buying.
I'll offer $20+ shipping for a RCW with those blueberry fruit bars in them. If someone has MCW's let me know I'd pay $15 + shipping.

If anyone is interested PM if ya want.

P.S. if I happen to land an RCW or MCW (or both hopefully) I'm taking pictures with my mom's camera and I'll send them to Kman or one someone for the site. Plus I'll post em in these forums.. only problem will be learning how to post pictures! 8)
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