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Large amount of Singapore rations sale

Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 2:02 pm
by Victor_88

I intend to clear these out since their just taking up space and gotta have space.... sure their out of date but not too badly so for some of them. Im sure someone can find something from this large amount.... i can cater to your taste for sure

In hand in date slightly out 24 hour packs

Courtesy of Nathan's Mre

24 hours *2014*
Tomato lentil rice chix sausage
Lor mee chix creamy sweet potato w/corn 31 may 2014
Sweet spicy macaroni
Indian style fried noodle chix sausage
Green bean barley 31 aug 2014

24 hr 2015
Malay style tomato rice chix
Curry potato stew chix
Mix bean longan 30 apr 2015

24 hr 2017 x 3
Mex cheese fry rice chix noodle in sweet sesame sauce creamy corn dessert 31 dec 2017
Oriental macaroni chix mushroom basil rice chix green bean coconut milk 31 dec 2017
Spicy fragrant rice w chix, satay pasta fish cake
Lemongrass barley dessert 30 sep 2017

24 hr 2018 24 hour packs
Spicy fragrant rice chix opor pasta w chix
Red bean dessert with palm fruit 30 apr 2018

One meal Ration packs
- Thanks to Steve for doing the video to save me time
DISCLAIMER: a lot of the mentos sweets are crushed but outer bags are still sealed
One meal x 5 31 oct 2015
x 3 29 feb 2016

One meal (no nut and bean)
X 2 31 dec 2017

Loose desert and entrees

Entree x 5
mash potato w bean chix sausage 14 feb 2019
Chix frank pasta w veg 23 sep 2016
Dry shrimp chx glutinous rice 4 feb 2016
Red rice porridge w chx 5 feb 2016
Red bean dumpling rice w chix 1 jan 2015

Dessert x 1
Sweet potato red bean 31 jan 2019

Re: Large amount of Singapore rations sale

Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 2:08 pm
by Victor_88
In addition to all of that : I also have the following to complete your ration

COTS (commercial off the shelf) accessory packs x 3
(30 apr 2017)

I also have a complete Vegetarian singapore combat ration details of which i have offered some people first because veggie rations are quite rare and i would like not for our "federal boys" to come knocking on any door because it probably will end up on youtube..... :lol:

Re: Large amount of Singapore rations sale

Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 2:22 pm
by Victor_88
So to summarise:

A complete ration as issued consists of
24 hour pack x 1 (2 entrees and liquid dessert)
Accessory packet
one packet of ramen noodles

The accessory packs rarely survive the field because they are much tastier and often get consumed while the soldiers make the 24 hour packs fall into the round bin :D

Cautionary: shipping from where these rations are to most places in western hemisphere is quite expensive but i am attempting to find out costs for all areas of the world and i will advise accordingly

Re: Large amount of Singapore rations sale

Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 7:13 pm
by KML1989

Re: Large amount of Singapore rations sale

Posted: Sun Apr 14, 2019 12:18 pm
by Victor_88

Apologies on the extreme delay on updates: lots of stuff to do recently.

Anyway from where i am: shipping to america will cost roughly 25 usd per kilo: so....

What would folks say to a price of

25 usd per 24 hour pack
40 usd per full ration (24 hour plus accessory pack)
10 usd for the single meals?