The Epicenter profiled in The Oregonian

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The Epicenter profiled in The Oregonian

Post by kman » Mon Jun 04, 2007 9:41 am

The Epicenter is one of the online stores that I highly recommend for purchasing MRE-related stuff. I've ordered from them before and have always had great service.

Here's a good article that came out recently on The Epicenter and its founder, Bryan Nelson: ... thispage=1
Company finds its center in aid

Disasters - While having fun and rocking out, The Epicenter of Eugene gets supplies to people in need

Friday, May 25, 2007
The Oregonian

If Bryan Nelson's life were a music video, it would show him tossing the Boeing badge, the Dockers and the Seattle commute for blue jean Eugene, surrounded by his coolest friends. It's an American guy's idea of a perfect career move.

It's The Epicenter, his warehouse stocked with chemical light sticks, brackets to convert lawn mowers into generators and anti-radiation pills to survive a hurricane, bird flu or dirty bomb. The employees are rock 'n' roll musicians who fill orders for the Central Intelligence Agency and other customers in between touring with their bands.

After the UPS truck leaves, they often pick up guitars and drum sticks and rock the "Casbah," the area of the warehouse carved out for instruments. They record CDs, ideas and guitar licks lasting far into the night. Which helps explain the Betty Crocker kitchen and couches, but begs the question:

Can you walk away from a pretty good life and find a better one?

"What I've given up is steady income and limited hours per week," says Nelson, 46. "But on the other hand, the boss never gets laid off.

[click here to read the rest]

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