U.S. Retort Packaging Markets Gain Popularity

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U.S. Retort Packaging Markets Gain Popularity

Post by kman » Tue Feb 20, 2007 11:35 pm

Originally from: http://home.businesswire.com/portal/sit ... ewsLang=en


The following technology is covered in this research:

- Retort Packaging: In this research service, retort packaging is commonly defined as a flexible pouch/ rigid container for low-acid foods thermally sterilized in a pressure vessel, often called a retort. Food packed in this way is shelf stable at ambient temperature. Thermal sterilization is performed at temperatures greater than 212 degrees.

Market Overview

Retort Packaging Gains in Popularity

One of the major trends in the retort packaging market is the retort pouch that is taking convenience to a whole new level and becoming increasingly popular among food product manufacturers. A growing number of companies are entering this expanding market, posing a strong challenge to manufacturers of other package types. The primary reasons behind report packaging success are that it not only helps create the all-important shelf appeal that food manufacturers seek, but also possesses certain technical properties that keep the food tasty.

Retort packaging is increasingly proving to be a very effective technique for packaging food products that require extended shelf life, as marketers give great importance to this attribute of the product, observes the analyst of this research service. Consumer demand for flexible pouches and plastic containers is rising, due to the growing preference for meals ready to eat (MREs) and semi-cooked food products in an increasingly busy and time-constrained society. Thus, while the market for retort pouches is currently only a niche one, it holds immense potential and opportunities for growth.

Ongoing Innovations in Retort Packaging Open up New Opportunities

It is now clear that packaging in the food and beverage market is no longer a mere cost driver, but is considered a critical component of all branding, merchandising, and promotional strategies. Effective packaging not only helps address the constant struggle for shelf space, but also aids in increasing market share. Thus, companies are always seeking to improve existing packaging methods. This is seen in the retort packaging market as well, where re-closable retort pouches are fast gaining popularity. These pouches feature zippers mainly made of polypropylene to withstand high temperatures and could considerably boost the convenience factor offered by this form of packaging.

The introduction of re-closable retort packaging offers an all-in-one serve, seal and store design that can improve the flavour of the product, reduce storage space, extend the product shelf life, and even reduce production and shipping costs. In a 'heat and eat' society that places a great deal of importance on convenience and the ability to control portions as people want, these retort zipper could open up even more opportunities than those offered only by retort packaging technology, says the analyst.

For more information, visit http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c50056

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