DOD clarifies RFID requirements

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DOD clarifies RFID requirements

Post by kman » Tue Feb 20, 2007 11:17 pm

In regards to the Department of Defense requiring the use of RFID tags to track MRE shipments:

Originally from:

The Defense Department has issued its final rule for use of radio frequency identification tags by its suppliers, extending how long they can use older tags and mandating the use of tags even on low-value shipments from low-volume suppliers. DOD cited efficiencies gained in the supply chain through RFID use.

DOD said in a Federal Register notice on Feb. 12 that it will allow the use of older RFID Generation 1 tags under all new contracts through March 1. The older tags can also be used on all shipments contracts awarded before May 19, 2006, the date of the RFID interim rule.

RFID Generation 1 tags are unalterable Write-Once tags. The Generation 2 tags, which DOD will move to after March 1, are Write-Once, Read-Many tags that can be written to only once, but read any number of times. Suppliers told DOD that a fast phase out of the Generation 1 tags would leave them with a large inventory of tags purchased at the department's encouragement.


DOD issued its initial RFID rule in April 2005. It required suppliers of packaged field rations such as Meals Ready to Eat, clothing and individual equipment, tools, tents, and weapons systems repair parts and components to use the tags.
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