Official DSCP MRE Pages Redesigned

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Official DSCP MRE Pages Redesigned

Post by kman » Sun Jun 12, 2005 11:04 am

The DSCP has recenly redesigned their Subsistence/Operational Rations web site. This redesign breaks most of the old links to the site. The new main page is: From that page, you can click through to the individual rations programs (MREs, MCWs, HDRs, etc.). I noticed they finally removed the RCW and LRP pages. You can find links to the old version of those site on my RCW and Other US MRE pages.

I like the layout and look of the new design. But I don't like how they left off all the rations pictures. Each page does have a link at the top that you can click on to see some pictures, but I think it looks better when you have some pictures actually load on the page. Just a personal preference, though. It's still a nice looking design.

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