The British rations have arrived!

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The British rations have arrived!

Post by kman » Wed Dec 22, 2004 12:03 pm

A buddy of mine has recently returned from Iraq and brought back a whole case of British rations for me. Woohoo! A few interesting things about the rations...first off...that case is heavy! There are 10 rations per case (one ration = food for one day) and the whole case weighs about 45 lbs.

Another interesting thing I've noted so far is that neither the case nor the individual ration packs are marked with the menu letter or a date - that area on the box is just blank (pictures coming later).

And finally, the contents of the rations aren't matching up with the menu listing. For example, one ration contains "Sausage & Beans" and "Pork Casserole" entrees. But the sausage is supposed to be in menu C and the pork in menu D. It looks like they're just mixing and matching ration parts.

Maybe this is standard practice for British rations or maybe they were in such a hurry to get new rations into the field that they gave up marking the boxes and making sure all the parts matched up.

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