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The Silent Service

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The Silent Service is an American syndicated anthology television series based on actual events in the submarine section of the United States Navy. The Silent Service was narrated by Rear Admiral Thomas M. Dykers, who retired from the Navy in 1949 after twenty-two years of service.[2] He began each episode with this refrain: "Tonight, we bring you another thrilling episode of Silent Service stories, of warfare under the sea."

Many of the episodes focused on the history of specific submarines, including:

USS Bergall (SS-320)
USS Bowfin (SS-287)
USS Crevalle (SS-291), season 1, episode 19.
USS Dace (SS-247)
USS Darter (SS-227)
USS Flier (SS-250)
USS Gato (SS-212), subject of the series finale.[3]
USS Grayling (SS-209)
USS Growler (SS-215)
USS Guardfish (SS-217)
USS Hawkbill (SS-366)
USS Nautilus (SS-168)
USS Perch (SS-176)
USS S-38 (SS-143)
USS Sculpin (SS-191)
USS Spearfish (SS-190)
USS Sunfish (SS-281)
USS Swordfish (SS-193)
USS Tang (SS-306)
USS Tinosa (SS-283)
USS Tirante (SS-420)
USS Trigger (SS-237)
USS Triton (SS-201)
USS Wahoo (SS-238)

Note: This show was a competing TV series with The West Point Story 1956 starring Barbara Eden, Chuck Connors, and Leonard Nimoy to name a few. More on The West Point Story can be found by following this internal link: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=6980

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