New cans in the Polish SRG rations

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New cans in the Polish SRG rations

Post by Delicious » Wed Aug 16, 2017 5:32 am

Hey everybody,
there is a change coming in the Polish S-RG 24 rations - there will be new cans, both for entrees and side dishes. They look interesting, include some new ingredients like spinach or horseradish.
There are new menus (6 & 7), but the same old menus like SRG-3 or SRG-5 will have different cans inside. If you will see a SRG with best before date in 2018 - this will be the new version.

In this review I tested 3 side dishes:
- 'pork special' luncheon meat
- lisiecka luncheon meat (named after local specility here - lisiecka sausage, which contains very big chunks of meat - like chopped, not ground)
- bacon luncheon meat
and 2 entrees:
- pork shoulder in horseradish gravy
- 'leczo' with sausage (kind of Hungarian stew - vegetables, tomato sauce)
The best for me was the 'leczo' - very smoky, rich flavor and the lisiecka meat - lean, but really delicous

Additionally I tested the shelf stable bread which is used in the Polish army - this is a rye bread based on sourdough. This has 2 years shelf life and can be refreshed (I did it in the review by putting it into hot water, but there are other methods too). It was absolutely fantastic - fresh, moist, wonderful smell. And the loaf was 3 days before the 'best before' date.

The review is in Polish, but there are English subtitles.
Have access to: Polish, Russian, French, UK, US, sometimes other.
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