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Syria: Russian troops enjoy Easter treats blessed by Patriarch Kirill in Latakia

Posted: Sun Apr 16, 2017 9:51 pm
Video description:
"Russian soldiers serving at the Hmeymim Airbase in Syria celebrated Easter Sunday with cakes sent from Russia and consecrated by Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and all Rus’.

At least 3,000 cakes were delivered to the airbase Saturday to let the soldiers join in the celebrations while they are serving in Syria."~RUPTLY TV

Russia has a considerable amount of forces in Syria. In Eastern territory, there are air and naval bases belonging to the Russian federation to assist the Assad government and other allies in the civil war and to counter NATO influence in the region. There are also special forces and advisers assisting regime ground forces in their fights against rebel and ISIS forces. Not too long ago, a unit of military police were stationed in Aleppo to help safeguard the early stages of the rebuilding efforts in the city so more Syrian personnel can fight on the front lines. The MP unit is mostly consist of soldiers of Chechen descent but there are many other soldiers from various religions and ethnicity. In this video, we see airbase personnel receiving large amounts of cake and other goodies from what appears to be an Orthodox patriarch.