Czech 24h BDP Menu 7 - BB 2016

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Czech 24h BDP Menu 7 - BB 2016

Postby Delicious » Wed Mar 08, 2017 1:49 pm

Finally I tried the Czech Bojova davka potravin ration. I picked up a random menu and I had luck. Earlier I had a chance to try one of the entrees from another menu and it was let's say "decent", but nothing special.
This ration was one of the best I've had.
The content is below (no heaters, spoons etc):

    Mains: vegetables with sausage, devil's meat with beans
    crisp bread (regular and corn)
    tuna jn water
    mixed vegetables in water (Mexican mix)
    luncheon meat
    honey, strawberry jam
    tea, coffee
    multivitamin and regular fruit drink
    sugar, salt, chewing gum, wet napkins, tissue, trash bag


I liked the luncheon meat very much - it is very similar to Polish Tyrolska, the tuna was Spanish and really good quality. Jam and honey - nice and natural. Very good chocolate !

The devil's meat (nice sense of humor...) wasn't very spicy as I expected, it is tender beef with tasty tomato sauce.
devil's meat withbeans

the whole lunch

Mixed vegetables with (wiener) sausages were quite good, but the sausages were almost without taste- very processed, so the flavor came from the veg sauce.
sausages with vegetable stew

The rest of the review is in this vid
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