U.S. First Strike Ration: Menu 1 (Packed 2017)

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U.S. First Strike Ration: Menu 1 (Packed 2017)

Post by YTFRC » Thu Jun 13, 2019 10:36 am

Summer 2019 I will be uploading videos every Wednesday for this series on U.S. FSR. This is Video 1, Menu 1 all videos will follow this format. Please Like, Comment and Share if you enjoyed the video. If you want more Subscribe and hit the Bel for updates. Thanks for watching!

U.S. MRE First Strike Ration Menu 1, Packed in 2017

Menu 1
Filled French Toast
Sandwich, Bacon Cheddar (Subed in this pack as BBQ Beef)
Sandwich, Pepperoni
Zapplesauce, Cinnamon
Cheese Spread, Jalapeno
Snack Bread
Dessert, Peanut Butter (Subbed in this pack as Oatmeal Cookie)
FSR Chocolate
Snack Pretzels
Nut Fruit Mix Type II (Subbed in this pack as Nut Mix with pan coated chocolate disks)
Chocolate Protein Drink Beverage
Beef Snack: Teryaki and BBQ
Caffeinated Gum Cinnamon

Re-Closeable bag
Spoon A
Acessory B

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