Spanish Army MRE Lunch B1

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Spanish Army MRE Lunch B1

Post by nechronius » Thu Aug 23, 2018 11:03 pm

Not sure of the year, but the package has a "best by" date of November 2020, so a very recent production. Purchased from MREZone a few months back, finally got around to posting this up.
Comes in three languages, Spanish, English, and French. My French is pretty trash but my English and Spanish are solid so no problems going through the menu.
Isotonic energy drink powder.
Mini sausages in tomato sauce. Similar to cocktail weenies, a bit slimmer than Vienna sausages.
Money shot of the octopus pieces. Yum.
Veggie soup.
I forgot to get closeups of the pate and peaches, but here's everything ready to eat. Miniature croutons were a nice surprise in the soup. The hair however was not. Definitely not my hair. The soup was consumed after the hair was removed though I'm convinced there was still some traces of it left because my Spanish vocabulary improved considerably after the soup.*
Closeups of octopus pieces, the most visually striking part of the meal.
(One giant sucker)

The MRE is normally eaten with a separate quantity of crackers as part of the daily allotment, but I did not get any with my purchase. And sadly I didn't have much in the way of bread or crackers handy when I decided to commit to eating this, just one US MRE wheat snack bread (TFF!). This was definitely a mistake. Almost everything in this ration can be described as somewhat mushy with a rather monotone flavor across all of the proteins (pate, sausages, octopus). It's the octopus bits were definitely the most unpleasant on their own, primarily because the oil they are kept in is so salty and the octopus itself was tender to the point of having no chew to them, they were almost as buttery soft to eat as the pate and sausages. In other words, all of the protein components could be spread on a cracker or toast and eaten. Out of the three proteins, my favorite was actually the pate, which had a pleasant smokey bacon flavor (it's a pork belly and pork liver pate). The sausages were fairly middling as well, having a texture similar to Vienna sausages (just slightly firmer) with a bland tomato sauce.

The peaches were actually quite pleasant, with a good firmness for being canned and in a light syrup that wasn't cloyingly sweet which is a problem with a lot of US ration components. Sadly the texture did not offer any breaks from the texture of the proteins. The soup was also a nice change of pace and if it wasn't for the peaches and soup, this largely protein style meal would not have been as easy to power down.

My recommendation would actually be to open one tin of protein at a Time and eat it as a snack you can put on crackers. As a standalone meal this was a bit too rich without starch to cut it.

Overall it was still a very interesting and worthwhile experience, but not the most exciting combination of flavors and textures to come out of an MRE.

* En realidad, mi vocabulario no mejoro despues de tomar la sopa.

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