Canadian '16 IMP - Menu #12 Pulled Pork

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Canadian '16 IMP - Menu #12 Pulled Pork

Post by dagi » Thu Nov 16, 2017 5:00 pm

I don't believe we had this one here yet.

My first thought was a bit of a surprise cause pulled pork sounds more American to me and AFAIK it was never among the MRE menus?
Also, it appears they've done away with the double drinks and the toothpicks. Which is a shame, if you ask me.
date square & pulled pork were made by Baxter's
The hamburger bun wasn't half-bad, really similar to regular stale bread. IMHO, way better than the wheat snack bread (but I had that only once so far and I was damn hungry so it doesn't count) - I'll have to slice the next one in half for a more valid comparison. Together with that peanut butter though, it makes your mouth go instantly dry just the same. But. It was just made to soak in that BBQ sauce from pork. Really, it makes all the difference.

The main itself, a piece of pulled pork with potatoes in BBQ sauce. The sauce itself was similar to the one in shredded beef MRE - which means too acidic for me (is that how BBQ sauce is supposed to taste? mine's usually different :? ). The pork was easily splittable with a spoon, had that drier outside that makes you think of a roast, not mouth-melting but better than my mom's roast in that matter. The potatoes were nice and soft, balancing out the sauce. Tried adding some hot sauce but it didn't help much.

For the dessert we had peanut butter candy (or reese's pieces) - that kept playing tricks with my mind because I kept expecting chocolate and instead there was peanubuttery goodness inside. And the date square - which is like a layer of dried dates paste in between two layers of oats cake. Not for people who don't like dates, that's for sure and it tasted way better after being left for a day or two on my desk. Somehow drying improved the oats cake bits.

The lemon-lime drink was pretty much your standard beverage, lightly sweet and refreshing and I passed on the coffee cause it's not my cuppa tea.

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Re: Canadian '16 IMP - Menu #12 Pulled Pork

Post by DCHD » Fri Nov 17, 2017 3:59 am

Not bad, although I hate those hamburger buns with a passion they taste like burnt toast mixed with burnt rubber. its disgusting I would rather eat nothing but Wheat Snack Bread as the only bread for the rest of the year than to eat that again

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