New Polish 24h SRG-6

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New Polish 24h SRG-6

Post by Delicious » Mon Jun 19, 2017 2:15 pm

This is one of two new menus of 24h ration known to me. The packaging is the same, they are fresher - these are the first rations with BB 2018 on the market.
The content:
- accesory pack is unchanged: 3 cutlery set, 4 paper cups, salt, pepper, vit c candy, coffee candy, chewing gum
- esbit stove with standard and windproof matches, can grip, 12 fuel tablets
- moist towlettes, zip-lock and trash bags, towel/toilet paper
- drinks: tea extract based drinks to be prepared cold or hot: lemon, raspberry, and a new one: lime with green tea extract, coffee, sugar
- sweets/snacks: cereal bar cranberry, 100g bitter (60% cocoa) chocloate, freeze-dried fruits
- side dishes: strawberry jam, honey, poultry-pork pate, "English" luncheon meat
- rye crispbread and special crackers
- main dishes: beef stew "hungarian goulasch", meatballs (pork/beef) with vegetables and tomato sauce
I will comment only the new items
Side dishes: the pate is surprisingly spreadable, soft and meaty - it contains liver, but you cannot taste the bitterness. Good for a change. The luncheon meat is decent, less salty than the previous versions. I guess - comparable to SPAM.

The special crackers were surprising - not that hard - maybe because of freshness. The crispbread is excellent - very crunchy and tasty. It has 3 years shelf life and contains only wholegrain rye flour and salt. That's it ! No preservatives, E-something etc
The new drink - green tea with lime. It's excellent - refreshing, with little bitterness. I compared the hot lemon tea with cold one - the cold version (of the same drink) is less sweet.
We had meatballs before, but the new ones are four instead of 3 and the sauce has less tomatoes. The meatballs are really pleasant - proper amount of salt, meaty taste- they are boiled - really homemade dish.
Beef stew "hungarian" was in the single meal ration before, maybe the canned version is slightly different. It is one of the tastiest dishes - you can taste the bell pepper, the stewed beef, carrots.
To both dishes I have used more spices - pepper and hot sauce - just to kick the taste, but it is not necessary.
Comparing to the ration 2 years older - the steel cans for entrees were changes to lighter, aluminium.
Really nice ration, with not many preservatives.

Video here:
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Re: New Polish 24h SRG-6

Post by alohakid » Thu Jun 22, 2017 4:01 pm

Very delicious review Delicious, thank you. :lol:


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Re: New Polish 24h SRG-6

Post by parafireboy » Tue Jun 27, 2017 10:11 am

Great review, thanks for sharing! It looks really good! :)

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