2014 DoP POhotovostná DÁvka Potravín PODAP Typ-5 (Slovak) (Emergency Food Ration)

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2014 DoP POhotovostná DÁvka Potravín PODAP Typ-5 (Slovak) (Emergency Food Ration)

Post by steve1989 » Wed Mar 29, 2017 12:07 am

Curahee sent me a PODAP Typ-5 or simply in English "Emergency Food Ration". Thank you so much to Curahee for this amazingly interesting and no frills sortof MRE. :)

It is about the same exact bulk and weight as a Ukrainian or one of those U.N. Rations. My guess is it's calorie content was between 3,200-3,500 calories. Maybe even only 3,000. Which is still not bad!

This thing had wholesome main courses - I should have added water to the Chiken & Rice lunch main so it could have heated more evenly.

PODAP has instant effervescent lemon black tea & orange vitamin drink mixes - both kinda taste strange, yet oddly pleasing.

That pate' is amazing - had mine for breakfast. Smooth and not metallic at all - and considering it was poultry, I was pleasantly surprised. Slovakia knows good pate'. :)

& That green bean casserole-looking bean soup was interesting - would be better paired with lunch. Still awesome and heated evenly. Truly reminded me of a green bean & onion casserole with a lightly sharp white cheese sauce.

The Chicken & Rice main for lunch was reminiscent to a LRP or MCW Chicken & Rice - simple and pleasing in flavor. It needs water added to evenly disperse heat - drop it in a mess cup, add 2-4oz of water, add something spicy if ya want. Ya just gotta break it up a bit, before dropping onto that esbit. :)

My favorite part was the Sausauge & Sour Cabbage main course for dinner. It reminded me of a wholesome home cooked kinda Cajun comfort food deal going on. It was slightly tangy with that cabbage and the sausage was almost rendered - slow cooked and mouth watering. I could eat that stuff once a week for the rest of my life and never grow tired of it.

I hope to find another PODAP or two again someday because I really liked it! :D

The crisp breads are not very flavorful but they are still enjoyable - light, dark, and corn crispbreads - they're not bad. Great with each of their respected mains. Or on their own as a light crispy & filling snack.

The can with the accessories was really neat! You don't see that sorta thing every day - and this Ration sure was different. And I really had a great time checking it out.

Thanks so much to Curahee for making this one happen. :D
And down from the heaven lights lies breakfast - This was such a great little meal. The beans much like Thanksgiving Green Bean Casserole and the Pate' was smooth and not metallic at all!
Chicken & rice
acc can - neat huh?
The best part was dinner's sausage and tangy cabbage - look at that goodness!
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Re: 2014 DoP POhotovostná DÁvka Potravín PODAP Typ-5 (Slovak) (Emergency Food Ration)

Post by currahee » Wed Mar 29, 2017 3:03 am

You're welcome steve :wink:

In fact obtaining this ration is not an easy thing, its not sold in any shops. A few can be purchased through buy/sell ads, but the BBD is often a few months before expiring. I assume they are primarly issued to slovak military personel in missions outside slovakia.

US soldier tasting this ration during "Slovak day in afganistan" :D

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Re: 2014 DoP POhotovostná DÁvka Potravín PODAP Typ-5 (Slovak) (Emergency Food Ration)

Post by sourwes » Wed Mar 29, 2017 11:30 am

Thx for this rare and enjoyable text review steve1989...this is my kind of review :D
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Re: 2014 DoP POhotovostná DÁvka Potravín PODAP Typ-5 (Slovak) (Emergency Food Ration)

Post by Delicious » Wed Mar 29, 2017 2:59 pm

It is a jewel in rations - very rare and very interesting. It look like a ration made at home, but it isn't , and this accesory pack in a can - no country has such thing !
It would be happy to taste the sausage/sour cabbage/potato stew because it remains me Polish bigos - I would like to compare it
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