Latvian Menu 6

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Latvian Menu 6

Post by Garron » Tue Mar 21, 2017 9:01 am

Picked this up on ebay a few weeks ago.
Latvian Menu 6 - Stewed Beef
Nice to see full contents on the front, there are a few typos on the English translation which made me laugh. Most contents were best before August/September 2017.

This is a single meal, contains, meal, desert and snack items.

Start with the snacks
The rye bread came vacuum packed and was 2 slices, they had pretty much stuck together but it was totally different to anything I've tried before and it was good, I've had dark rye bread in Germany but this had a really strong fermented rye flavour, the texture was almost like a cake very dense but it went great with the honey and the Apricot jam. The honey had crystallised slightly but it was still edible and had a nice subtle flavour, the jam was well just jam nothing special.

The main meal,
Big chunks of beef with shredded carrots and some other vegetables, it was good quality beef in a nice broth, I was expecting a gravy based stewed steak not a stew with veg. Quite greasy but fat is where the flavour is. I'd happily eat it again, this with mashed potatoes would be a good fulling meal.

Blueberry rice pudding, does what it says on the packet, not much to say, the rice reconstituted well, it was slightly creamy with nice blueberry flavour.

Snacks were plain and simple, a packet of hazelnuts and cashews and a few fruit sweet, the sweets were strawberry, kiwi and I think plum flavour, nothing amazing but a nice addition to the pack.

IMG_20170320_182331315 (1).jpg
The brew kit was 3 packs of Nescafe coffee, a lipton fruit tea bag and 2 diabetes inducing 20g grams of sugar, I don't drink tea or coffee but most of you would have had Nescafe before so it would be like that. It also came with a disposable esbit stove, matches and 4 fuel tabs, a piece of sheet metal, fold two tabs down, two tabs up and heat.

Overall a great pack, I'd happily buy a few more.
If you can find them, get one, if the other menus are like this one, it will be a decent hearty meal that will fill you up.

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Re: Latvian Menu 6

Post by Conrad » Tue Mar 21, 2017 5:56 pm

Nice! I should hopefully have one soon, I can't actually remember which menu but if it turns out like that I'll be happy

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Re: Latvian Menu 6

Post by Delicious » Wed Mar 22, 2017 4:07 pm

I agree that this bread (the same is in Lithuania) is something very unique. It is a complex recipe, only to be found in few countries
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