Tofu & vegetables from 2002 EPA

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Tofu & vegetables from 2002 EPA

Post by Stef » Tue Sep 22, 2009 7:17 am

as often when my wife is working outside and when I found nothing interesting in the fridge, I've decided to open one of my well beloved boxes.
Today : Gemüsepfanne mit Tofuzubereitung from a 2002 Type III EPA (yes, it's German :mrgreen: )
10mn in the boiling water, the can starts bulging... it's OK

It's not bad at all, even if I prefer a good steak to a piece of tofu when I have the choice (I could never be a Hindu!!). That's 49% a ratatouille and 49% chili without carne the 2% if the tofu.
Well the spicy tomato sauce is not very different from that found in the MRE but there's not that typical MRE aftertaste (preservatives I guess...).
I feel well, I presume it was still edible :wink:
Unopened can, it looks airtight...
closeup on the label
half opened, please note the famous plastic film only found on the military EPA cans
Let's go!
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