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TRAVELLUNCH K1000 - Taste Test

Posted: Mon Jun 22, 2009 4:29 pm
by German_EPA
hi all

actually i am selling the TRAVELLUNCH K1000 ration. its like the bundeswehr emergency ration you know (green / red) or the BP5 ones.


as i dont sell what i havent tried out myself - so here is a little review: :wink:

ca. 1150 kcal
250 g
vacuum sealed like the military ones.
the ration comes in 4 blocks which are wrapped in plastic again.

the taste test:

after opening i wondered there was NO SMELL!? i really no smell - my nose was white already - no smell... :mrgreen:
ok - i took the knife and cut off a little corner. for my surprise it was really really dry so the knife went trough very easy. like cutting a cake.
i took the peace and chewed it very well and long (as instructed on the box in which it comes).
the taste was a little bit sweet. i was expecting some bad taste - but no - it was really really good. after a few minutes i had a "butter feeling" in my mouth which went away very quick.

i will put it in every corer because its tastes very good and can be stored at every condition for 5 years. so its perfect for any emergency.