Sure-Pak Ratatouille (mixed vegetables and penne)

Reviews of Civilian MREs (Sure-Pak, aPack, etc.) as well as other civilian ready-to-eat food
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Sure-Pak Ratatouille (mixed vegetables and penne)

Post by DCHD » Wed Apr 26, 2017 2:27 am

I unfortunately ate the ration too fast to grab some pictures but I have nothing but good things to say. I don't normally eat vegetarian MREs but this one was killer good and came from a new case that I just got from sopacko today.

Date code was 6355 which if I'm right is December 21st 2016 which means just a few months old not a big deal.

1.Ratatouille-Great flavor, the pasta seemed very fresh and wasn't really soggy tasted almost like fresh pasta made at my home :) you could taste the vegetables which from what I could identify were squash,tomatoes,bell peppers both red and green,mushrooms and possibly others I'm not sure it was very tasty didn't have much salty so I added the salt and pepper packets and that made it whole, very good and I didn't feel like I wish it was meat.

2.Zapplesauce- This was my side and I have had this before, was great as always, sweet with a good apple flavor and as a bonus contains over 520% daily value of Vitamin C which is good. :)

3.Crackers- These were a oddball dated 5234 which was older than the rest of the stuff they were fresh, smelled as if they were made yesterday and they were also whiter than usual. They don't have any saltyness to them and are now trans fat free YAY! I didn't like 2g trans fat in the old crackers.

4.Strawberry Jam-This stuff was killer good better than the jam I use at home from the store and made the crackers 1,000,000 % better. It was sweet with a really fresh strawberry taste not artificial and had 4% vitamin c which isn't a lot but is nice. Although not needed cause the zapplesauce was loaded.

5.Cinnamon Bun-This was fantastic and was made by Sterling foods, it was basically a bread based pastry very similar to the bread that is used in the bridgeford sandwiches with a liquidy cinnamon goop in the middle it was dense, sweet and very good and the largest dessert I have ever seen in a mre. and it was Trans Fat Free, woop I ate the entire thing. I'm loving this new trans fat free trend.

6.Fruit Punch Beverage Powder- This was alright I used to for some reason get sick and throw up if I drank or ate anything with a fruit punch flavor idk I don't anymore it was okay I guess but it wasn't my favorite flavor that goes to the orange pineapple in the IMP that is the best beverage ever in a ration.

I really didn't have anything else except the coffee which was Deep Rich was decent as it always is. But for a civ ration it's pretty much lacking just the matches which is okay in my book :).

I would highly recommend getting a new case of Sure Paks hands down best civilian rations.

I can't wait to sample the other entrees and see what they are like I'll try and get some pictures.

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