I'm back Meal Kit Supply Menu 1 Review

Reviews of Civilian MREs (Sure-Pak, aPack, etc.) as well as other civilian ready-to-eat food
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I'm back Meal Kit Supply Menu 1 Review

Post by Daley » Sat Feb 18, 2017 1:06 am

The MRE from Meal Kit Supply is LONG overdue. We've been working hard to get this review out, and it's finally time to check it out. Menu 1 is Spaghetti and Meat Sauce, and comes with a side item and a snack. The side item in this one was Au Gratin potatoes, crackers and cheese as the snack and three types of drinks. On the drink front we had coffee, a banana strawberry shake, and a grape electrolyte drink. It was pretty well rounded and filling.

Let's start with the snack and accessory pack. The accessory pack included some good staple items, salt, pepper, 4 packs of sugar, a napkin, a wet nap, coffee & creamer and an MRE spoon. All good and expected items there. The coffee and creamer were both great tasting although it did take an extra minute or two for it to fully dissolve. The other items in the pack are all pretty standard so I won't waste anymore time with them. The crackers and cheese are up now, and while they both were fine to eat and had a good filling feel the crackers did taste a little funny. Not sure why and it wasn't a bad taste it was just odd. Maybe a preservative or something along those lines. In the video I mentioned it to be like those old school crackers and cheese snacks you had when you were a kid. So to clear that up, it's an odd taste but nothing bad or inedible.

Next up we can talk about the drinks, not including the coffee clearly. The banana-strawberry shake is great, I've had that before and liked it. Same case here today that thing tastes great and I don't really like fruit so thats a big plus for it. It was simple to make, just adding water to the fill line shake and drink. There was no power residue or anything like that. The other drink was a grape electrolyte drink, similar to a gatorade or powerade. Nothing super fancy or special with this one, tasted like a grape drink and it was good. Again no powdered residue or floating grossness, just a nice smooth grape flavored drink to get you recharged.

Last up is the main and side dishes. The first thing we need to say is again a busted flameless ration heater, this is the 2nd one that hasn't worked of this type and im not sure why. Lucky for me Meal Kit sent an additional FRH, which worked like a charm. I hope they have replaced these in their consumer MREs so to avoid this problem. After I got the main and side heated up and on the tray, everything was smooth sailing from there. The main was spaghetti and meat sauce, which tasted great. I added the salt and pepper to taste and I wasn't disappointed. My big worry with pasta MREs is that the pasta will over soak and be mushy and gross. Not the case here, the pasta had a good bite to it and the sauce was tangy and had enough of a texture on its own to compliment that pasta. The side dish our Au Gratin potatoes is something I normally won't eat on a day to day basis, however here they have it in a delicious cheese sauce and it was great. Medium cut circles of potatoes drenched in a cheesy sauce was great with a little salt and pepper.

Overall this menu one from Meal Kit Supply is great tasting and filling. It's also super easy to prepare and only requires about 24 oz of water in total. There were some small things I didn't like and thought needed a bit of improvement. One was the combinations, potatoes for me don't compliment pasta and meat sauce, something like bread to me fits a little better. Maybe a veggie bread or something. There was also no real desert. Yes you have the shake but no candy or side snack item like that. Other than those two minor complaints I loved the MRE and would recommend anyone needing to get these try this menu.

Thanks for much for reading, if you would like to check out the video review you can do so below.


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