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what's better than a Hormel Compleat?!?

Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2012 3:50 am
by TurtleNomad
A SPAM Compleat! :)
Or at least, that's what I've renamed them:

There were two varieties at my Midwest Walmart, each $1.99.
I chose "SPAM & Roasted Potatoes", because that sounded like an excellent combination:

Yey, it fits in my cheapo kettle, with room to spare:
Note that it's microwaveable, in only 60 seconds.

After heating:
More sauce than on the product packaging, no big surprise.
It smelled ok. Not fantastic, but not unpleasant.

After stirring a bit:

Closeup, spooned:

It tasted better than it smelled, and was a good, filling meal.
SPAM and potatoes - impossible to mess up! :)

Bottom line:
I would definitely buy more of this specific variety, and liked it enough that I bought the one other available variety (and ate that tonight - will post a review soon).

Amazon lists four varieties. If anyone sees other varieties, please post up reviews. :)