Beef Stroganoff Dehydrated Meal (eFoods)

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Beef Stroganoff Dehydrated Meal (eFoods)

Post by QMGE81A » Sun Jun 12, 2011 5:05 pm

Yesterday afternoon I decided to take care of making lunch for the wife, kiddo, and I so up for review is eFoods Global Harvest Beef Stroganoff. This particular meal came in two separate bags: one containing noodles, the other the Beef Stroganoff mix. The following two pics show the front and back of both bags:
Packaging Front.jpg
Packge Back.JPG
Opening the bag of mafalda noodles, they appeared just as one would expect. Typical dried noodles. The bag of Beef Stroganoff mix looked like flour, with no discernable chunks of meat. The smell was like sour flour, and a bit off-putting.
Inside Pasta.jpg
Inside Stroganoff.jpg
I did not take pictures while cooking it, as all you could see is tan colored water and the occasional noodle float to the top. I brought 4 cups of water to a boil and dumped in the contents of both pouches. Contents were boiled for 14 minutes, and left to rest for 5 minutes. It did thicken up after letting it set for 5 minutes.
Now onto the Review:
Fork Full.jpg
APPEARANCE: At first I was a little disappointed at the lack of meat in the dish. As you can see in the above pic, there are only small flakes of meat. No good sized chunks to sink your teeth in. The noodles seemed a little too soft. The color of the sauce was a little lighter than most Beef Stroganoffs I have had. The sauce seemed fairly thickened, and was nowhere near as watery as I feared it may be when I first began cooking it.
SMELL: It was fairly odorless save for a slightly sour smell, but not off putting at all.
TASTE: I was immediately floored by the creaminess of the sauce. The noodles while appearing to be quite soft were actually a perfect al dente! I was more impressed with the texture than the overall taste though. Without large chunks of meat, there was not a whole lot of meat taste. There was light seasoning that did not do a lot to impress me. Not bad, just bland. A blast of garlic sea salt and a dash of pepper brought it to life for me, and I quite enjoyed it.

My wife and daughter also seemed to like it. The bag suggests it is 4 serving sizes, but there was plenty for my wife and I to have seconds, and one helping for my daughter. After a hard day of playing outside in the sprinkler and painting, the meal was well received by her:
Sammy Likes.jpg

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