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Menu C MREs

Posted: Fri Nov 05, 2010 11:42 pm
by cablemonkey
Before I found this site, I bought a bunch of the Menu C MREs from campingsurvival. Paid way too much and didn't get what was advertised, which I now know is about par for the course with this product. So as the first case I bought was getting older, I started eating them and keeping some notes. Sorry, no pictures. Here are those notes:


10/10 Excellent
9 Very Good
8 Good
7 Almost good
6 Edible, almost enjoyable
5 Edible, average.
4 Edible, not enjoyable
3 Barely acceptable
2 Unacceptable
1 Only if starving
0 Inedible / Rancid


AQ Chili and macaroni 8316A V3
AQ Mexican style corn 8225B V2 P

These were very good. The chili had nice large beans and pressed meatballs rather than true ground chuck. Good sauce, not too spicy and the noodles were in good shape with lots of texture. Passed the the wife test. Her comment was "low dogfood factor." 5/10

The mexican style corn had lots of a greenish sauce. Small pieces of a couple of different kinds of peppers and lots of corn. Pretty tasty, not too spicy. 5/10


AQ Chicken breast 8320
AQ HDR Lentils and vegetables

Heated both entrees with FRH for 6 minutes each, using same heater.

Processed chicken breast 'patty' in a small amount of clear liquid. Smelled like cat food. Taste not too bad. Much improved with some tobasco. 7/10

The HDR lentil stew might have been better if I was able to get it warmer. As it was, I found it very greasy and too sweet. Slightly spicy would have been a better choice for this dish. 6/10

No rib meat anywhere to be found in the package.

Crackers, apple jelly, shortbread cookie, tabasco.


AQ Cheese tortellini in tomato sauce 8263 V3 P (10JUL2010 - Hot water 15 mins)
Smells similar to commercial canned pasta products. Sauce is oily with visible pieces of onion and spices. Weak flavour though. Tortellini was average sized, about 3cm long and in good shape. Flavour was good. Overall, I liked this one. 9/10

SP Mixed Fruit SPB 7190C 5 2 14 1
Very good. Nice light clear syrup, small fruit pieces in good shape.

SP Pineapple SPB 7344 3 1 23 5
Good. Too much sugar in the syrup made this much sweeter than I care for. The natural sugar in the pineapple would have been enough. Pieces were very small.

Menu 5 PENNE PASTA W/VEG SAUSAGE (consumed 05 JUN 2010)

AQ Penne pasta with vegetable crumbles in spicy tomato sauce 8296B Y1 TMC
AQ Clam chowder New England style 8044BCOMM V2 L

Heated in bag in hot water for 10 minutes

Chowder has a creamy texture and tastes slightly spicy, perhaps white pepper or the like? Slight preservative smell, but taste and mouth feel is good. Potatos and clams in good shape, not too chewy. 7/10 Almost good.

Pasta is oily looking. Nice tomato flavour. Pasta is understandably soft, but still feels alright. No nasty smells and some of the vegetables are even recognizable. Very slight pepper flavour. This one is actually tasty. 8/10 Good.


AQ Chicken and noodles with vegetables in sauce 8301A Y1 L2 (consumed 03 AUG 2010)

This one doesn't smell very good. First bite had a high cat-food factor. Nice broad noodles, veg, and large chunks of chicken in a thick clear sauce. The chicken chunks reminded me of canned tuna in their general shape and texture. The flavour definately improved as I got closer to the bottom of the pouch. Maybe I was just getting used to it. Overall, not bad. 6/10.

AQ Mexican style corn 8225B V2 P
AQ Cherry blueberry cobbler 8308COM V2 L2

Menu 8 BEEF PATTY, WITH BBQ SAUCE (consumed 15 JUN 2010)

SP Beef patty, grilled 7162 11 1 12 2
AQ Fried rice 8250C V2 P

Heated in bag in hot water for 10 minutes

Beef patty was a good size, with some watery juices I drained. Obviously foamed and molded, but not as extruded and sliced-looking as the meatloaf. Smell was mildly funky and taste was ok. A little sharp, but a decent mouth feel and overall much more edible than the meatloaf. First bite was a little strange, but I ate the whole thing. No BBQ sauce that I could find. 6/10

Fried rice was very bland in a thick and shiny sauce. This would have benefited from some spice and condiments but I was in a hurry. 7/10

Menu 10 MEATBALLS IN MARINARA (consumed 16 JUN 2010)

AQ Marinara sauce with meatballs 7340COMM V3 P
AQ HDR Peas and pasta 8268A M1 L2

Heated in bag in hot water for 10 minutes

Meatballs are good. Sauce is oily and slightly sweet. Nice small pieces of onion and tomato throughout. Same scary foamed meat as the other AQ menu items, but is much better tasting. 8/10

The HDR peas and pasta are terrible. The pasta looks like yellow egg noodles, and the 'peas' are hard little brown lumps with an almost nut-like texture dispersed throughout. The smell is very bad and hard to describe. No real sauce to speak of here. Maybe if you combined the meatballs into this, it might approach something that a human would eat and like. Very oily. I could only handle 4 bites of this one after eating the meatballs. 4/10

Menu 11 MEATLOAF WITH GRAVY (Consumed 02 JUN 2010)

AQ Meatloaf
AQ Mashed Potatos

(combined on plate and microwaved for 3:30)

The potatos have a very smooth texture and an unpleasant smell reminiscent of old shoes. Flavour is a little manky but mouth feel is ok.

Meat patty is obviously extruded and is a scary orange colour. Flavour is hard to describe. Something tastes very acid, maybe tomatos. The sauce and onion bits help a lot. Mouth feel is not great.

The AQ blueberry and cherry cobbler was very sweet and didn't have enough cake. It was like eating spoonfuls of bulk pie filling. Would probably make an excellent base for prison wine.

Entree: 4/10. Edible, not enjoyable. My wife would probably refuse to eat this.
Dessert: 6/10 Edible, almost enjoyable.

Re: Menu C MREs

Posted: Mon Nov 08, 2010 5:19 pm
by Apollo-11
Very good reviews, cablemonkey. Thank you for posting.

It would be great if you could amplify on your wife's opinions and have her put in point values along with yours. I find that my wife scores MREs and Mountain House about 2-3 points lower than I do. One of the MREs she tried elicited the comment "tastes like tomatoes and battery acid". So a food item that I would find average, she would barely eat if starving.

"Low dogfood factor" made me genuinely LOL.

Re: Menu C MREs

Posted: Mon Nov 08, 2010 5:40 pm
by Cracker
I don't know what it is with women and military rations.
Once.. she got a haverkjeks from Sweden.. (exáctly the same style as from Norway).

I offered her a Norwegian pack of Haverkjeks.. "thanks, where did you get it from".
I have it from a Norwegian ration. "Oh.. Gross! I'm not going to eat that! "

Well.. last week I managed to get her to eat some that Norge sent me..
"Oh.. they taste quite good, where did you get them from?"
A norwegian that I know..

Later.. I gave her the civil ones.. that Norge sent aswell..

"They taste good.. where did you get these?"

Same guy that sent the other military ones you ate last week..

"Yes.. those from last week were gross!"

:roll: :roll:

And the typical.. "i'm not going to eat CANNED food!' general opinion..
A friend of mine actually served a complete bowl of Dutch military chilli con carne to his inlaws when he screwed up his meal for them.. Never told them.. (and that has to be the worst ration ever.. it tastes how it looks; like shit)

But a very nice review, but I don't fully understand the rating system..

AQ Chili and macaroni 8316A V3

That is

AQ = ?
Chili and macaroni = Dish name
8316A = Production code (?)
V = ?
3 = the actual rating (?)

Re: Menu C MREs

Posted: Mon Nov 08, 2010 10:49 pm
by cablemonkey
Cracker wrote:
But a very nice review, but I don't fully understand the rating system..

AQ Chili and macaroni 8316A V3

That is

AQ = ?
Chili and macaroni = Dish name
8316A = Production code (?)
V = ?
3 = the actual rating (?)
The menu title is what was printed on the outer pouch

AQ=Ameriqual SP=Sopakco HDR=Humanitarian Daily Ration

The dish name and "8316A V3" is exactly what was printed on the retort pouch. Beyond the date code, I don't know what it means. Batch, line, or plant perhaps.

Ratings are at the end of the taste test descriptions and are explained at the start of the article and are in a 1 to 10 scale where 10=good 1=very bad.


Re: Menu C MREs

Posted: Tue Nov 09, 2010 4:12 pm
by hannonmc
Love your rating scale and explanations that go along with it!