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Elbow Macaroni and Tomato Sauce TOTM

Posted: Fri Jun 16, 2017 8:25 pm
by RockyRaab
I enjoyed a 2016 TOTM Menu #11 from Wornick while aboard my kayak today. The entree is the new Elbow Mac and Tomato Sauce veggie option. It came with that, crackers, peanut butter, orange drink, Zapplesauce, and M&Ms. All the others have been reviewed over and over again, so I'll just skip to the entree.

First, although brand new, the FRH was a semi-dud. It barely got warm and I didn't have any salt to add to it this time. Not a big deal. I also didn't bring a camera. Anyway, the entree was pretty good. I expected a "canned pasts" flavor, and it is - but not the usual "Chef Boyardee" flavor of other pasta entrees. The tomato sauce was tangy, with a hint of basil and some chunks of tomato. The macaroni had some texture still - not mushy but not al dente either. I added a squeeze of Texas Pete hot sauce because I add hot sauce to almost everything, but especially rations. That perked up the already good flavor.

This is a good'un. as so many veggie options are. I'll miss the Ratatouille this one replaces, but I'll enjoy this one again.