2015 FSR #4

Reviews of other US rations - MCW, LRP, MCI, FSR, etc.
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2015 FSR #4

Post by shawker71 » Thu Sep 08, 2016 10:45 pm

This is only my second FSR and I have been waiting like a kid at Christmas to open it even though I have had it for a few months. Let's get on with the pics.

259th day of 2015

The menu card

All the contents laid out

From here I separated it into 3 "meals" plus snacks that didn't fit.

Filled Cinnamon Bun: I love these things and they are quite filling

Osmotic Raisins: they're raisins....I like raisins
Zapplesauce: I like applesauce and the pouch is very handy
Coffee/creamer: always a good thing in the morningImage
Beef Filled Wraps with Mexican Spices: I can't say enough about these gems. I will be ordering some of these separate. I cheated and added the jalapeno cheese and it turned awesome into excellent

Nut Raisin Mix: mostly peanuts but still good
Chocolate Protein Drink: was thick choclate drink, not the greatest
Jalapeno Cheese: probably one of my favorite items to get in any MRE
Cheese Filled Pretzels: Combos are always welcomed but I did save these for dinner

Chicken Breast with BBQ sauce: I was surprised this was a whole breast. Not that tasty at all, even with the hot sauce.
Twin Wheat Snack Bread: I like the idea but it made the chicken even worse as a sandwich
Firststrike Bar Mocha: these are just tasty little morsels

Strawberry Banana Dairyshake: I do like the flavor combo of this one

Turkey Nuggets: great flavor and 5 is not enough
Energy Gel: didn't try it as I have had it before and eating a mouthful of jelly just wasn't on my agenda today.
Caffenated Cinnamon gum: haven't had it yet but maybe tomorrow

Overall it was a great ration and would be great in the field. The chicken was definitely my least favorite item here. Hope you enjoyed because I sure did.

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Re: 2015 FSR #4

Post by parafireboy » Thu Sep 08, 2016 11:18 pm

Great review and pics! Bummer that the chicken wasn't very good. I haven't tried that one yet. I've got three FSRs sitting on the shelf, now I excited to tear into one. :) The gum is great, and by great I mean it does its job. It's not the best in the flavor department, but caffeine is naturally very bitter, so they had a challenge to make an adequately caffeinated gum that was still somewhat palatable. I think they did a pretty good job though. I like the stuff, and have a case of it on the shelf. It's great for keeping in the vehicle in case you're tired. Having a 9 year-old in the house, it helps me keep up with him on days when there's no school, haha :wink:

Again, good review, and thanks for sharing! :)
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Re: 2015 FSR #4

Post by housil » Fri Sep 09, 2016 3:50 am

Nice review, thx for sharing!

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