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Chocolate Chip Rangerbar 2012

Posted: Thu Jul 28, 2016 12:10 am
by Name_not_found
I haven't had one of these before some how :?: :!:
rangerbar (4).JPG
new to me
rangerbar (6).JPG
Looks good like the oatmeal cookie bar, chocolate flavored coating
rangerbar (10).JPG
crisp but not dry, again like the oatmeal cookie bar but it has chips!
rangerbar (11).JPG
you can almost see the saturation of what i assume is the fat or preservative.
Slightly crumbly but nice, i would have again but this is the kind of thing i think would be good in another 5 years, even better than now. It seems like the center was dry and in a few years it would have been more even