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Survival Ration - DoP 1967 (Life Raft Ration Packed by Charms Company)

Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2015 3:55 am
by steve1989
During WW2, Charms Company, residing in Bloomfield, New Jersey produced a naval bail-out Ration that contained Charms Candy, chewing gum, and vitamins.

It was a low-thirst provoking Ration for the use of survival situations at sea where water was scarce. Carbohydrates require less water to assimilate the specific calorie than say, protein calories. And the Charms and chewing gum would keep saliva production at a reasonable level. And would certainly be a huge morale boost for the guys stranded at sea.

In the bailout rafts, there was a Survival Fishing Kit that was in a cloth roll-out pouch and stored in a can. That was the main source for acquiring sustenance, and you would eat the fish raw and utilize all applicable parts of that fish, eat the edible parts of the fish, drink the blood (especially if there was no water available), the eyballs contained a small amount of water content - you would use every bit of the fish you caught.

But if you weren't too lucky catching fish, or you lost your Survival Fishing Kit, you'd resort to the use of these Charms - heck the Charms and chewing gum was an essential source for the morale and energy boosting carbohydrates one would need out at sea anyways.

Now the vitamins provided were also another important part of this Ration - I would have to say though, who has taken a multi vitamin with Vitamin B-6 (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride) and other B-complex on an empty or close to empty stomach?
I have, and I get mild nausea and it would be something if I were caught out on a life-raft I would pass on (In fear of vomiting and losing essential electrolytes and calories) unless I'd had ample Rations/freshly caught fish to fill my stomach with - and then I would take that vitamin in a heartbeat for it would help you assimilate those proteins and carbohydrates more efficiently. B vitamins also help one's thought processes, energy levels, and mood.

With all that being said - this is the exact same Ration as the WW2-era Life Raft Ration and packed by the same company, only, it is in a cylinder shaped can instead of a square one. I think this container was more efficient at storing rain water for drinking or as a container for something that needed to be kept dry, for it can re-close perfectly - snaps right in place and holds. The cylinder 1967 DoP Survival Ration also contained 12 Packs of Charms opposed to the WW-2 Era's counterpart's 6 packs of Charms.

With a date of production of 1967, it is approximately 22-27 years newer than the WW2 counterpart.

It is also a very rare Ration - in the years of diligent searching, I have only found this one!

(My apologize the picture with that pamphlet is hard to read)
The inner pamphlet says:
The contents of this can have been found by tests on rafts at sea to be the best solid food for eating while living on a life raft.
One to two packages of candy and one vitamin pill should be eaten each day by each man.
Chewing the gum will help keep your mouth clean.
The food in this can is intended too feed five or six men for one day or one man for five or six days.
To protect the uneaten components, carefully place them in the cellophane bag provided.
Do not open another can until the contents of this can have been eaten as the candy and vitamin pills must not be allowed to get wet.
The candy, vitamin tablets, and gum should be saved for later use if fish are caught.

I really enjoyed the Charms in this - and have sent a few off to members and the last packs, including the can itself is being sent to a very safe and respected collection.

The Chiclets gum was still chewable and tasted just fine.

The vitamins spoiled years ago and I tried touching my tongue to one with a quick bite of bitterness.

Those Charms from 1965 (date on pack was 1965) were MORE enjoyable than the ones I recently had from 1992! The formula was different and I feel they were the most delicious hard fruit candy I've ever had.

I did my first Youtube Review of this Ration (not the best video and I am sorry about that - really should have gotten practice with a common Ration before opening something like this and reviewing on my first review.).

Here is a link to my Youtube video on whatthis Ration simply called: Survival Ration

I will take some close-ups of the Charms packs so you guys can get a good look, just realized I haven't done that yet. I still have one pack left for my own collection! :D

Thanks for looking and watching my Youtube Review of this neat and elusive Ration! :)


Re: Survival Ration - DoP 1967 (Life Raft Ration Packed by Charms Company)

Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2015 4:06 am
by steve1989
Oh, and here is a better look at the only known stock photo of that WW2-era Life Raft Ration, packed by Charms Company, Bloomfield NJ.

Re: Survival Ration - DoP 1967 (Life Raft Ration Packed by Charms Company)

Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2015 2:32 pm
by parafireboy
Very cool Steve, thanks for sharing! Even though the exterior of the container looks rough, it looks like it was never compromised, and the contents look great!

Re: Survival Ration - DoP 1967 (Life Raft Ration Packed by Charms Company)

Posted: Thu Aug 11, 2016 4:49 am
by Robthewild1
Very very cool. My favorite bit is the "Do not open" written on the label in pen. Haha.

But, speaking of WW2, and Charms. Would you happen to know what flavors of Charms were available inside the packs? From the 1967 Life Raft you opened, I only see 2 maybe 3 flavors represented from the loose ones (Red, Orange...and maybe Pink. Could just be the lighting.) So would you assume the same goes for the WW2 era ones?

Re: Survival Ration - DoP 1967 (Life Raft Ration Packed by Charms Company)

Posted: Fri Aug 12, 2016 6:27 am
by SNiiP3R
It looks to me that the flavors were , grape, orange, lime, cherry, and the last one is either pear or an apple?

Re: Survival Ration - DoP 1967 (Life Raft Ration Packed by Charms Company)

Posted: Fri Aug 12, 2016 4:57 pm
by Robthewild1
Oh, so there was a bit of variety. Cool thanks for the info man.