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Life Raft Tablet Ration - Feb - Mar 1951 DoP *Full Review*

Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2015 11:45 pm
by steve1989
Hey there everyone, I have a new review tonight on yet another old Survival Ration in a much smaller Spam-Can tin w/ key than say the SA or ST Food Packet Survival Tins.

This one was first issued in USN Back Pad Kits & whatnot during WW2 - as a matter of fact, I found a really cool link here to a forum much like our here that can give you some excellent back reference on where this specific Ration's original place lies. ... ival-gear/

Mine presented here is of course of Korean War era and not WW2, and also not quite as rare - I felt it was necessary for us to get a chance to see what it looks like presented in modern color photos.

I did a review of an extremely similar 1960's DoP and it was also in Olive Drab Green. Also had different contents : viewtopic.php?f=11&t=5344

I Did not try the Citric Lipid Tablets, those things always go "sour" along with almost rancid after all these years. The Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B-6) spoils after what I would guess between 10-20 years. Just a guess, but ever have old vitamins in your medicine cabinet where they smell bad? That's the B6 going in a form of decomposition. The Hydrochloride is added for shelf life and stability when it's made and it still really doesn't make it spoil-proof.

The Matled Dextrose tablets were really hard - and see how some went bad? They turned dark and I think they oxidized from something that leaked out of the Citric Lipid Tablet packet - everything was coated in this strange slightly rancid oil that smelled like B-6.

I still ate one of the Malted Dextrose Tablets. It tasted strong of malt, calcium carbonate, the texture/consistency of dextrose and sugar. Really pretty good, but it also tasted slightly rancid.
I just ate the one tablet - just not quite palatable - but still edible - at least the non-dark pieces.

I am saving that gum for my display - sorry guys! I'm sure it's still chewable.

Look at those old dark vitamin tablets! Certainly not touching those things.

Cool little baggie and tie-rope for keeping the stuff dry from seawater when you're trapped out at sea.

Makes me want to watch Alfred Hitchcock's: Lifeboat again. Great flick! If you like this review - you'll love that old movie.

Here's some info on the 1960's version from qmfound operational rations report:

Food Packet, Life Raft, Aircraft
Weight/packet 5 ounces
Cube/packet 9.3 cubic inches
Calories/packet 306
Specification MIL-F-15381

Used in survival kits and in life rafts of naval aircraft the Food Packet, Life Raft, Aircraft is intended for short term use while awaiting rescue or air-drop of supplies.

User requirements are stringent. The packet must (1) withstand extreme temperature changes, (2) be of minimum cube and weight, and (3) consist of food which will be beneficial even when water supply is critically limited. The kinds of food suitable for use in this packet are therefore severely restricted. Recently revised to assure maximum stability when exposed to high temperatures (up to 160°F.), the food packet now contains 20 special sucrose tablets and two packets of gum. Half of the tablets are fortified with ascorbic acid and are provided in a variety of fruit flavors and colors to enhance acceptability. The remainder of the tablets are mint-flavored lozenges. Three hundred and six calories are furnished in this all-carbohydrate food packet.

The ration is packaged in a flat metal, key-opening can. A waterproof bag is provided for storing unused tablets. An instruction sheet and a piece of twine are also included in each packet.

Re: Life Raft Tablet Ration - Feb - Mar 1951 DoP *Full Revie

Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2015 11:50 pm
by steve1989
You know, I am going back and taking pictures of those darker tablets in the Malted Milk tablets pack.

It says Sucrose/Malted Milk Tablets - makes me think maybe those 5 darker ones are the "Sucrose" tabs and the others are Matled Milk.. I will find out and let you guys know soon enough.

Re: Life Raft Tablet Ration - Feb - Mar 1951 DoP *Full Revie

Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2015 11:53 pm
by steve1989

Re: Life Raft Tablet Ration - Feb - Mar 1951 DoP *Full Revie

Posted: Thu Feb 26, 2015 1:04 am
by dirtbag
When I was into backpacking (1965-ish) we had malted milk tablets, pretty good!
(Yes, I am that old),,,
Nowadays, they are $$$$
Nostalgia... :lol:

Re: Life Raft Tablet Ration - Feb - Mar 1951 DoP *Full Revie

Posted: Thu Feb 26, 2015 1:34 am
by steve1989
Oh, that's so cool - taking one of these when they were still probably perfectly fresh back in the 60's on a backpacking hike sounds like something I can truly say I envy you on!! :D