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Re: RCW, MCW, FSR, & LRP Snacks

Post by Rationista » Tue Dec 02, 2014 1:15 pm

rattattoo wrote:
steve1989 wrote:1998 RCW (Ration, Cold Weather) Oatmeal Cookie Bars.. or what I call: Food of the Gods. If you haven't had one of these, it is just like the rectangular block ones in vintage MRE's, or Food Packet Survival, General Purpose.
I haven't had any of these. But they look, and sound, as though they're pretty close to the HobNob biscuits from McVitie's... And those are delicious. I'm going through a package right now that are topped with something like Cadbury chocolate... Extra delicious!
Any Brits or Scots on the forum who have had them both?
From here in Bonnie Scotland it does indeed look a bit like a very smooth McVities HobNob and they, and the McVities Digestive which is a close relation, are very very tasty indeed, with or without Cadbury's Chocolate. Sadly I haven't had the RCW oatmeal cookies....maybe one day! There used to be an 'Oatmeal Block' in UK ration packs that was essentially a tough digestive biscuit along the same lines. Sadly no more!

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