MCW 2005

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Re: MCW 2005

Post by Name_not_found » Sun Aug 28, 2011 12:35 pm

rationtin440 wrote:Great review and pics, NNF, and I'm glad to see that the MCW is now in just 1 outer bag as opposed to those "Cold Weather Rations" that came in 2 bags. My unit got a few cases by mistake once back in the cold war days, and they were ok but some of the contents were obviously NOT designed to promote "regularity" shall we say? :oops: :shock: I've considered trying to get some of the new MCWs, but I'm thinking that nearly 600 calories is fine if I'm going to be doing alot of heavy physical labor, but if I'm hunkering down for severe weather or other shtf scenario, that might be alot for one meal. What are your thoughts, guys?
Thanks for the compliments

For a non active, hold the fort kind of thing, one mcw is easily enough for 2, maybe 2 and a child

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Re: MCW 2005

Post by housil » Sun Aug 28, 2011 2:21 pm

rationtin440 wrote:What are your thoughts, guys?
The days "power supply" of a physically working guy (or fighting soldier) is ~3500kcal.
Cold weather rations have 1540kcal as your body has a higher power consumption as he has to deal with the very low temperatures (e.g. shivering). Regular MREs have 1250kcal "only"
Having a regular MREs entree is ~350kcal, with the starter (cracker (180kcal) + cheese/peanuts butter (170 kcal)) = 600kcal so it´s equal a MCW entree.

But eating three MCW a day at regular condtions will make you gain weight for sure :wink:

Just to give you an imagination about kcal´s. Making 1 hour of sports/workout causes your body to consume 500-700kcal "only". :shock:

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