Another review of Treesuit's FSiR Prototype 2011

Reviews of other US rations - MCW, LRP, MCI, FSR, etc.
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Another review of Treesuit's FSiR Prototype 2011

Post by jaminphx » Thu Aug 25, 2011 8:25 pm

Hello all,

I'm kinda new here, been lurking for years but just recently registered for the Forums. I love this site and have shared it with friends many times.

Back on Aug. 7th or so I contacted Treesuit in hopes of ordering some of his FSR. He replied promptly and we arranged my purchase of 5 of his custom FSR at $12 apiece plus shipping. A fair price I thought. Mr. Suit, :wink: ask if I had a Paypal account as that was his preferred method of payment, I told him I did not and that I would gladly send a check for my 5 FSR and shipping, he agreed but said he would wait for the check to clear before shipping the items, I had no problem with that at ALL. I have read several reviews of his product and reputation, all good, so I wasn't worried.

I was in no particular hurry for the rations and he told me he was waiting on one or two items to complete my order. When my check to Mr. Suit arrived he went to the bank and deposited it and then, same day, shipped my items to me. He didn't wait for my check to clear as best I can tell, no doubt a gamble on his part. Thanks for the trust! My rations arrived safely and in good condition.

After opening the shipping box the rations came in I was immediately impressed with each items and its packaging. Each ration had an item list sealed inside the shrink wrap, it was visible and in big enough print to clearly read without my reading glasses.

I scanned his "Menu Contents" print sheet and have included it here with pictures of a open ration and my 5 pack. I will test (read eat) this one tomorrow, I can't wait.
Five items 1.jpg
My five FSR, one flipped for backside viewing.
Treesuit's FSR Pototype1.1.jpg
Menu Contents list.
Contents FSR.jpg
Contents of individual FSR.
There were two additional items, not listed in the Menu Contents, in at least one of the rations, haven't opened the other ones yet but I'm betting they have the additional items too. Also included was a MRE heater and a Dental Hygiene kit.

Couldn't wait till tomorrow for one of the items so I opened and shared it with my thirteen year old daughter. I'm not a big fan of peanut butter but will eat it, my daughter is a fan of peanut butter and will eat it anytime. Well, we wanted to try the Peanut Butter Dessert Bar so we did. I liked it :o but my daughter did not :cry:. That is no reflection on the ration or the items included, just a simple taste test. After all the ration is for me not my kid!

Overall I am pleased with the deal and the meal(s). A good price, great work putting it together and fast service, what more could you ask for?

I will be field testing one of these in Sept. on a four day desert survival class in the Phoenix area. I may add some comments after the class.

Thank you again Mr. Treesuit,


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Re: Another review of Treesuit's FSiR Prototype 2011

Post by Treesuit » Sun Aug 28, 2011 2:34 pm


Thanks for the review. Always a pleasure to get some needed feedback. Glad you like the FSIR"s and "yes" I will always have more if you want. I really would like a review after your trip to the desert just to see how the rations will hold up in the heat. And not to mention what your friends think. :lol:

I am rather curious as to how the rations will hold up over time due to heat stress and being bounced around in the rucksack, truck, aircraft, etc. I don't think we on the forum (and I) have addressed that concern or issue. There really isn't anything that can go bad except maybe the tuna or chicken in the retort bags but that's a stretch. Not to mention a MRE component geting punctured.

I think you mentioned there were three of the tough plastic outer bags that didn't seem to hold a seal very well. I'll try and be a bit more observant on that; sometimes Seal a Meal bags will suddenly loose the compression after the seal has been made for no reason. :?

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