A review of Treesuit's FSR: First Impressions.

Reviews of other US rations - MCW, LRP, MCI, FSR, etc.
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A review of Treesuit's FSR: First Impressions.

Post by PanzerDivision666 » Tue Aug 23, 2011 2:20 am

Before we begin, please note that I just got home from the afternoon shift and have eaten some pretty badass homemade jambalaya, so this is not a taste test-yet.
Combat rations for me are worth their weight in gold and these particular rations, until I order another set, are going to be going straight into my combat loadout. ( good thing, too. I got nothing but what I have deemed "barf bag" MRE menus in my ruck and that shit has to go.....

I tend to pack anywhere from 4-6 days of chow in my ruck, and it can be heavy, even when I field strip my MREs, which I hate doing because of losing out on the proper nutritional gains.
So without further ado, let's open one of these bad oscars and see what Treesuit has sent to help out this old mudroller, shall we?

Main packaging: He uses the same vacuum packing system I use to vacpack ammo, and my battlebuddy's awesome homemade beef jerky. This is more sturdy than normal MRE outer packaging in my opinion, and it seems lighter. So far, so good.
The labeling is clear and concise and unless you are illiterate or blind, you should have no trouble finding out what is in the meal itself.

Contents included: 2 Apple Cinnamon First Strike Bars ( so yummy I'd kick puppies to get them.)
Chocolate Coffee Beans ( I love these things and am thrilled when I get them in my rations)
Cheese Spread
Nut Raisin Mix
Peanut Butter Dessert Bar ( Never had this, can't wait to eat it!!!!)
Apple Sauce W/ Raspberry Puree (mmmmmmmmmm :P )
Tuna W/ Fat Free Mayo
2 Beef Snacks
Lemon and Raspberry Drink Mixes
Sandwich, Shelf Stable, Honey Barbequed Beef ( never had the FSR sandwiches. Am impressed because the
sandwich itself seems like it has some weight to it. I thought it would be lighter somehow...)
Cinnamon Bun, Shelf Stable ( never had these either. I'll bet they are badass w/ coffee)
Mocha Cappucino pack ( I love this drink. Damned good. I'm a chocoholic and they are great.)
Stay Alert caffiene gum ( never had it- but already feel it is a good item to have. Anything to help keep
me awake during extensive manuevers and the like. )
And of course, you got the accessory pack.
The shining jewel of the whole ration has got to be the dental hygiene stuff I found included :shock: . I'm not sure if the genuine issue ones have these but I can't begin to tell you all how much I appreciate the extra touches put into this homemade ration. I have been homeless and can tell you, little comforts like this can make all the difference.

A few more observations, if I may.
I have been on a serious mission to procure as much food, water, ammo, and medical gear, etc. As I can lay my hands on. Everything about the situation in this country has got me on full alert and on edge. If things get bad, my children will have to be secured and cared for. I have a two year old and all the items in here I'm absolutely sure she would eat if I fed them to her, and I would. My children should always eat first. I've been forbidden by her momma to feed her MREs, but she'll let me give her the fruit and little Navy loves Almond Poppyseed Poundcake.
So for feeding young children, this is a great ration to have. Treesuit, you got yourself a loyal customer. OOHRAH.

When I get more of these I will taste test them at the rifle range with the guys, who will be piss green with envy cause they don't have any.... :wink:
I will post my results at that time. Right now as it sits, I'll give it a thumbs up.

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Re: A review of Treesuit's FSR: First Impressions.

Post by Treesuit » Tue Aug 23, 2011 4:33 pm


Many thanks for your posting and business. I'm sure many of the fellows here on the forum will agree with you on the ration. Some things I did do that normally don't come with a regular FSR are the dental hygenie pack and the coffee chocolate beans. Some of the other items are close in origin to a FSR. With the two items here is my reasoning. I have read on some other forums that dental hygenie is quite important to keeping a soldier/marine going during a prolonged combat situation, not to mention just shaving/showering/etc.

I recently started finding un-used dental packs in the more modern Jimmy Dean lunch kits. Soldiers were just throwing those away with about 95% of everything else. So I figured these little kits don't cost anything, are extremely light and don't take up much room. Not to mention is if you do it right you can get two sessions a day to take care of yor teeth. Which is important.

The chocolate coffee beans are a little bit more than a luxury. Also reading some of the posts here about chocolate and its morale value I considered it a plus to put it in. In the near future I'll try to follow improvments in the normal FSR's and change my rations accordingly and within reason to reflect a more modern FSIR and to keep the variety going. If you have any suggestions, they will be welcome.

As for other ration modules I have two others in the making. :wink:

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