Review - Cinnamon Bun, Shelf Stable

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Review - Cinnamon Bun, Shelf Stable

Post by rcrice » Thu Jun 09, 2011 4:18 pm

Ordered some things from Epicenter, and got a couple of the FSR sandwich items

Today I tried out the Cinnamon Bun, Shelf Stable. I liked it.

Opening the package reveals something that looks a little like a thick pop-tart. The bread part was more like bread, not the dense crust of a pop-tart.

"Bun" is stretching it, but it had dense and chewy bread, that was nicely flavored with cinnamon. The middle layer had a sort of cinnamon frosting layer.

Overall, the taste was cinnamon, and not too sweet. In fact, I'd have enjoyed it more, if it were just a hair sweeter. What would really make this a winner would be a little package of vanilla icing tucked inside for you to squeeze on top.

I liked it. MUCH better than a pop-tart, even though somewhat similar. Definitely feels like a breakfast item.

A couple of these will go in my pack for a week long backpacking trip with my son's scout troop. The scouts will be eating pop-tarts for breakfast - I'll be eating these with my cup of coffee. I think I'll have the better end of the deal.


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