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MRE #10 chili and macaroni review

Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2018 1:12 pm
by Jen
So far this is my third MRE that I've tried. The chili and macaroni were good even though the pasta was a little on the mushy side. The beef stick was as good as anything you buy in a grocery store and I was glad it was included with this meal. The crackers were also quite good, not dry and pleasantly crunchy. I put the Jalapeno cheddar cheese spread on them and it complimented them nicely. The pound cake was good too, and like the crackers not dried out. I was surprised to find it intact in one piece as the entire meal pouch was kind of crammed into the shipping package (I bought two). The lime drink was the only disappointment. It tasted like lime, but had a kind of chemical aftertaste to it. The coffee tasted all right, but it was a little weak. That may be my fault however, because I probably added too much water. The gum is...interesting, although I am still chewing it.