US MRE Menu #16 - Chicken Burrito Bowl

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US MRE Menu #16 - Chicken Burrito Bowl

Post by Joseph W » Thu Sep 27, 2018 4:03 pm

Another MRE I've never had before, always a fun time trying a new MRE.

Menu #16, Chicken Burrito Bowl. Essentially chicken tacos, with some rice and beans in there as well.

Main course was pretty nice. The chicken, rice and kidney beans go great together, and there's some kind of sauce on them as well. Put some cheese spread on it, and it makes for a pretty nice taco. Although the first tortilla ripped in half as I was separating them, so I kinda made do. I wanted to put the pepper sauce on them, but completely forgot. A bit of extra heat would have worked really well here.

Cinnamon Roll, I've actually never had one of these before. Was pretty nice to find. Wanted to put it in the FRH, but there wasn't enough space and I didn't want to squish it, so I just microwaved it. A bit weird having a cinnamon roll with no icing, but it tasted pretty good, almost like a pop tart, but in a soft cake form.

And the "snack crackers"...heh, literally just Cheez-Its, not much to say there.

Overall a very solid MRE, since I like all of the components. You've got the chicken main, and both a crunchy/salty snack, and a soft/sweet snack.

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