US MRE Menu #13 - Cheese Tortellini In Tomato Sauce

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Joseph W
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US MRE Menu #13 - Cheese Tortellini In Tomato Sauce

Post by Joseph W » Wed Sep 26, 2018 10:28 pm

Been a while since I've had a new MRE; a bit tough to even find them at the local commissary.

This time we've got menu #13, another pasta with sauce main.

Photo gallery:

Was absolutely thrilled when I opened this and saw the Vanilla Pudding dessert. This stuff is seriously the best vanilla pudding ever. Not overly sweet, great texture despite being from an instant mix, almost tastes like cake batter. Ten outta ten.

The actual main, the Tortellini, is pretty good as well. Couldn't really taste the cheese inside them, but it gave them a pretty nice squishy/chewy texture. The tomato sauce was pretty thick as well compared to most other pasta/sauce MREs. Really nice.

Other two snacks are the usual. Though I still don't really like the "chocolate peanut spread" stuff. The chocolate flavor is so dull that it just ends up tasting like an expired Reese's cup. Would much prefer regular peanut butter or cheese spread.

Overall pretty nice. My favorite "pasta with sauce" menu so far.

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Re: US MRE Menu #13 - Cheese Tortellini In Tomato Sauce

Post by WorkmanMRE » Wed Oct 10, 2018 6:49 pm

Nice review on a tasty ration, i love the vegetarian rations!

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