Menu #10 - Chili and Macaroni

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Joseph W
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Menu #10 - Chili and Macaroni

Post by Joseph W » Fri Feb 23, 2018 1:07 am

Let's go ahead and move onto something I actually did like...Menu #10, Chili and Macaroni. I've had this one before so I kinda knew what to expect.

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The main is pretty lovely. Just the usual MRE chili, but with some pasta added in. This time however, I decided to add in that ground red pepper packet. I tried a little first and didn't taste much heat, so I figured it was kinda weak.....yeah, no. Being the idiot that I am, I dumped the whole packet in and stirred it up good, then took a big mouth was promptly ignited with magma. Easily the spiciest thing I've ever eaten. I had to go through almost 20oz of milk while eating this one main, just to keep the burn out of my mouth. Tasted lovely though.

The sides were lovely as well. I love the "applesauce cake", it tastes kinda like a coffee cake. Nice and moist, per usual. The crackers and cheese were the usual Kraft deliciousness. The "kippered beef snack" however, this just tastes awful. I've gotten it in other MREs as well, and every time I've tried it, it just has an overwhelmingly...I dunno, just really bad flavor to it. I've had other kinds of beef jerky, but this one I just can't stand the flavor. The drink was good, as usual, and the bright green color is pretty neat. The skittles were okay, despite having an expiration date in 2016. I've never had Wild Berry Skittles before; they were okay-ish. If it makes any sense, they tasted like skittles, just with slightly different, more berry-like flavors.

So yeah, a lovely ration. Just don't put in too much of that ground red pepper or your mouth will be on fire. :lol:

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Re: Menu #10 - Chili and Macaroni

Post by DonJa » Fri Feb 23, 2018 10:16 am

Chili mac is a 'favorite' of a lot of US troops. The reason isn't that it's exceptionally tasty or palate-cleansing. It's that it will promote easy digestion and soften the stool. Anyone who's subsisted on MREs for a few days or weeks straight can tell you that constipation is a near certainty. The chili mac, with a decent amount of hot sauce, is a godsend and gets things flowing again.

Keep that toilet paper handy though.

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