2014 Menu 16 Pork Rib

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Re: 2014 Menu 16 Pork Rib

Post by elandil » Sun Aug 13, 2017 11:53 pm

steve1989 wrote: This is one of those reviews one can learn from. The saline was something I'd never thought about - perfect for an FRH. I always add salt to mine, but this is even more efficient. I am going to buy one of those saline wound wash cans at wal mart tonight and keep it on deck for the FRH's.
I got the idea last year, and I know Oldsmokey had mentioned using them before, so I threw them in my bag before heading to the show.

I was honestly suprised at how well it worked. True, the FRHs were only 3 years old, but that thing kicked off so fast it almost burned me. And the meal was HOT....not warm with hot spots and cool spots....all over hot.
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Re: 2014 Menu 16 Pork Rib

Post by parafireboy » Mon Aug 14, 2017 11:39 pm

Great review, elandil! I love the idea of the saline flushes, those would be perfect. I think I'm going to do like steve1989 mentioned and get a larger container of saline that can be used for multiple FRHs. Awesome idea. Thanks for sharing your review! :)

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