Quick review 2015 menu 2 beef shredded in BBQ sauce

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Quick review 2015 menu 2 beef shredded in BBQ sauce

Post by Conrad » Fri Mar 24, 2017 3:09 pm

So I opened this to have a quick dinner to keep me going until late tonight.
Delighted that it was an ameriqual one I randomly grabbed. These really do seem to be the best packer of MREs.

So anyway this one had:

-main entrée beef and BBQ sauce
-side of BBQ beans
-accessory pack
-BBQ sauce
-cheese spread with jalapeño
-tortillas, plain
-corn nuggets
-Hot beverage bag
-beverage base lemon lime

I have to say this is easily my favourite UD MRE now that I've had the ameriqual version.

The entrée and side heated well and both were very tasty. I kept the tortillas and cheese spread in my pocket to slightly warm them, which helped.

The tortillas didn't break in the middle, nice. Ate some of the stuff in those, with the BBQ sauce and jalapeño cheese... Mmmm love that cheese spread.
All round it was tasty and easy to eat.

The rest of the stuff I just ate with the spoon, ate half the corn nuggets and mixed the rest of them and the remainder of the cheese through the meat and sauce, enjoyed that.

Drank the lemon lime beverage, my favourite MRE beverage powder. Nice and mild.

Made up the coffee and drank that. Perfectly fine as a warm drink, that's all you can expect.

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