2015 Menu #20 Hash Brown Potatoes w/Bacon

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2015 Menu #20 Hash Brown Potatoes w/Bacon

Post by Evergreen21 » Wed Feb 08, 2017 7:27 pm

Hey all! First time with this MRE and it was a fantastic one, possible my favorite. Unfortunately I didn't plan to make this post, so I didn't take any pictures to document my consumption. Without further ado, let's begin!

Hash Brown Potatoes w/Bacon, Green Pepper, and Onion
Blueberry Granola
Beef Snack
Cheese Spread
Chocolate Banana Muffin Top
Orange Beverage Powder
Accessory Pack A

The hash browns were soggy and did have a broth like fluid with them. The bits of bacon were plentiful and good sized. I found very little green pepper and onion. Despite the soggy texture, this was a well flavored entree. The broth tasted almost like a light gravy and the bacon tasted fantastic! I was admittedly surprised as it did taste much better than it looked.
The blueberry granola was my first experience with this side. It rehydrated perfectly, and the blueberries were plump and tasted rather fresh. I added a little less water than the recommended, but I don't believe that effected the flavor. It was a nice sweet addition to the savory entree.
The been snack was surprisingly soft. It came as a small bar, not much else to say on it. It didn't dry out my mouth and wasn't like trying to bite through leather. I'll chalk this up as a win.
The cheese spread and crackers were standard. The crackers were fresh, and tasted as fresh MRE crackers are expected to. The cheese spread in this particular one was smooth and came out well, but that does vary in each meal from my experience.
First time with the chocolate banana muffin top. It was pretty dry and crumbled quite a bit. The flavor was good, though I tasted much more chocolate than banana, which I found barely present.
The orange beverage powder was as expected, the typical orange drink.
The accessory pack had a nice, smooth instant coffee. It came with one sugar and one nondairy creamer (which I did not use). Cinnamon gum, matches, moist towelettes, and ration TP/napkin made up the rest of the pack.

As stated above, this may now be my favorite US MRE that I have had. Despite some minor gripes that are really a nonissue, this was a taste and filling ration. Definitely recommend if you have yet to try it, and I do plan to purchase more to add to my collection. Thanks for the read and hope your MRE's are always good.
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